Hello there,

I am trying to make a CMS using wamp.

I made an uploading photos section, and when I try to delete the folder of the photos I get:
Warning: rmdir(C:/wamp/www/site/images/4b4731fda156e) [function.rmdir]: Directory not empty in C:\wamp\www\site\admin\process\delete.php on line 23

Although the directory is empty and I have checked it myself, and used unlink to remove any photos.

Is this a problem because of wamp not allowing this? does it have anything to do with wamp configuration?

And I think its worth knowing that I have changed the permissions using chmod to 0777

Thank you :)

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are you sure there arent any hidden files?

yes, I checked it before

hmm, I see that the folder size is 7KB no files, no hidden files.. wtf? and it says that there is 1 file.. how come?

yeah ive used unlink() too, to delete files... there's no problem... the only error it will generate is when assigning incorrect path. The file you wish to delete does not exist.

ofcourse it does, otherwise I would have gotten an error no such directory.. its totally something else.

my guess is there is a file there.

c:\> cd \your\directory
c:\> Dir /ah (Press Enter)

that will show any hidden files. You may have done this already, but trying to help :)

what was the permission of the folder? I guess it was not 777
If so Change permissions before delete

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