hi all, i dont know exactly how to explain this but ill give it a go.

What im looking for is to have a database hold a list of images ( or numbers that corrospond to images)... that should be easy enough. The part im having trouble with is having these images aligned in a grid which is inside a window /frame/ box on the web page. The user can click and drag and it will move around this collection of images.....

like so (numbers represent images):

5 4 3
6 1 2
7 8 9

so if the user clicked and dragged to the right the images would then look like:

4 3 12
1 2 11
8 9 10

the new images are taken from the database and the user can drag in any direction.

i hope that makes sence, can someone help with this ? even if its just what this is called that i should search for, ive tried draggable images, scrolling images etc etc