Hi to reader,
i used all the tricks. but every time failed.
Let i tell u what i have and what i want.

i have a website. http://www.directorylistforseo.com
and in this website some ulrs are exist Like
a) http://www.directorylistforseo.com/search.php?id=93
b) http://www.directorylistforseo.com/search.php?subcat=110

and i want convert in into
a) http://www.directorylistforseo.com/search/id/93
b) http://www.directorylistforseo.com/search/subcat/110

i used mode rewrite tricks. but it not worked.
i had done changes according this URL
but i face Error 500 problem
to rectify this problem i change in config file
but i can't find the "ClearModuleList" and "AddModule mod_rewrite.c" in this config file.
my web server also shows this problem

any one can help me on this problem.

One more thing
Is any can tell me that
is URL rewrite runs on only SERVER not on LOCALHOST?

Please Reply.
Its Urgent

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