Im working on a college project. In this, the user is required to authenticate. The login page (login.asp) has the form and the corresponding ASP code. Once the user is successfully authenticated, the user is redirected to the main page(mediaguidehome.asp). Currently, on authentication, I'm using the following code to redirect the visitor:
<% asp code here %>
<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">

What I want to ask is this. Is it better to use The location.href JavaScript or do I use the HTTP Refresh statement (<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0; URL=/mediaguidehome.asp?user=<%=Request.Form("username")%>&pass=<%=Request.Form("password")%>">

Please advise. Thanks.

The "standard" answer is that users may have JavaScript disabled. That said, I've never, once, in my career as a web developer (since the web was invented), encountered a user with JavaScript disabled.

Guess people are just too lazy to disable JavaScript.
Anyway, you're saying I ought to stick with the HTTP Refresh?

I'm saying, use both.

As you are using ASP, why not just using respose.redirect function in asp?

I agree. I tend to focus on client-side, since this is the forum for client-side techniques. Also, the user asked which of two client-side methods was better.

However, the BEST way to redirect users is with some server-side technique, as it saves a round-trip.

hey tgreer and zippee..
You're right. I was so hung up on those two methods, I just forgot about the response.redirect method.

Thanks a lot, you guys.

This is human! When a salesman asked whether you want to buy a red one or a blue one, you never think about saying "I don't need any" or "I prefer the white one"...

Good luck goldeagle.