I'm working on a project whereby I have a dropdown control and a formview control. The formview is linked to a datasource and the dropdown is supposed to utilize a stored procedure to update the row that the formview is displaying.

Now the problem here is
1- is it possible for me to change some of the controls in the formview to the drop down so that it (dropdown) updates the formview? If so how?

2-How can i get the particular fields that the formview is currently displaying so i can pass them on to the stored procedure that the dropdown calls up?

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ok, i've been able to achieve my aim with a dummy project but it seems i can't duplicate the work in the actual project because:
1- I can't seem to activate the advance selection option of the SqlDataSource I'm working with so i have to result to using an Sql statement
2- If i do use the SqlDataSource then i can't do an OR operation because the statement ends up being an AND operation which totally sucks.
Will update my progress

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