Can anybody help me here...

my application being developed in ASP.NET uses a master page. The master page is set out with a header table, site navigation table, and the content place holders....

when i load certain pages the site navigation table (on the left) will automatically resize to try and fit all the info on the page.

so it goes from:

- View Meetings
- View Personal Details
- View Rooms


- View
- View
- View

If that makes sense? :)

is there any way i can lock the table width and stop it from automatically resizing to try squeeze more info onto a page.

thanks for your help in advance :)

Try to set width,

<style type="text/css">
  .FixedWidth {

    <td class="FixedWidth">
       View Meetings
    <td class="FixedWidth">
       View Personal Details

Thanks for your reply... I have sorted the issue out. Thanks