Hi, I have 2 pages were the user inserts data into the database.
Page one goes into parent tabel and page two goes into child tabel.
Everything works fine unless the user completes page one but not page two. If only page one is complete and user logs off and then logs back in he/she goes to personal home page and page two goes incomplete. How can I let user login and go to page two to finish and let the user that completed both pages one and two login and go to personal home page?

Add an extra data field in your page one table, say activation. (Or create a new table entirely with necessary three fields: ID, userID, activation, up to you)
Give activation field a value that will represent whether or not page two was completed. Say 0, not completed, 1 completed. So upon user completion of page one, the field activation will be set to 0. If the user logs out then logs in again, a sql query will retrieve the user specific row and check the activation field. If it is 0 then you will display page 2 or a link to page 2 whichever...

Edited: Once completed page 2, set activation field to 1.