<script type="text/javascript">
				function check()
					var val = document.myForm.content.value;
					if (val.length <= 10)
					       document.getElementById('numC').value = val.length;
					       //out.value = val.length;
						document.write("Please enter the text in  range of 10 characters!");
					return false;	
       <form name="myForm">
       Type something here:
       <input type"textbox" value="" name="content"  onchange ="check()">
       Lenght of string you enter:<input type="text" id="numC">

Here is my code with the requirement: when I type text into the first input cell, the number of characters will be appear in the next cell, or if the number of character is greater than 10, the inform will be appear.
But I don't know how the inform will appear immediately if the tenth character is typed!
Please help me!
Thank you!

>> Line 13 - You forgot to add the {} at the else. You should always use an if...else the following:

if (...condition...) {

} else {


>> Line 14 - Never use a document.write() in a function you call when the page is already loaded. Use a custom message box or use alert("Message"); >> Line 22 - You should use the event onkeypress="check()" instead of onchange="check()" ~G

I always prefer, countdown code, similar coding, but, characters remaining