Hi there. I am using the slideshow along with the singlegalery.js happily. Now I want to know if you have a version of slideshow that accept width as a percentage as opposed to now that just accept pixels. I know we could modify the singlegalery.js to make this possible but since I have so limited time for show time of this project. I tried to play with the singlegallery.js modifying the dimensions setting. Perhaps you might have it already done.
Please any help is greatly appreciated.


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If you want us to help, please post the code of singlegalery.js.


Thanks for replying. In reality, it is a long story that truly can start by showing the singlegallery.js as you asked for.
I switched the thread to solved since I know I can figure it out, not now but later on and I can live with the way it is as of now.
The whole idea in case you run into these two pieces of software was to allow the slideshow to provide "width" parameters in "%" "percentage". Currently it just takes "width" in Pixels but when you modify the size of the browser to a size lower than the slide image it gets messy which is expected. I wanted to make it percentage wise in order for the slide image to be re-sizable no matter the image is not shown in its totality. (a bit of jargon)
Anyway, I wanted to give you some quick explanation.
Never mind.
I am okay with the way it is but I know it can be modified to be more flexible (I mean these two controls).

By the way, this is a great forum, good that you have solved thread for other fellows. Keep it up.

I am newbie in the forum as they call it.


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