i am quite new to php and have made a php page still in develpment.
but i have come across a problem.
i need a login for uses and admins. i fell that that is a bit over my head because of all the hacking problems.

do you know of any good SECURE login systems or script that i can use. i have found a few but don't know if the are secure or not.

i am looking for securaty and the login needs to have user level and admin level

i have found this nice simple one here
it has all i want user and admin level.
is it surcure though???
if not how can i make it secure

or is there a better login system out there.

thanks alot

I'm currently in the process of making a login script myself but I find that the easiest thing to do is to just write it from scratch using good security practices. As for how to separate normal users from admin, simply store in the database weather the user is admin or guest and factor that into the login script. But if you still want to use an external class then I haven't heard of any but would be willing to help make a login script.