I like to known that how to assign the value for the check boxes..
Since one would check either one or two check values..
I need to store the all the values in SQL Database either has 0 or 1....
i.e.., if it is checked as 1 or if it s unchecked as 0..
there will be separate column for each check boxes Here I assigned check value has differently..
Reply me how we could assign the value and name... If u notice that for Proceedings i had given diff. name as ckbox4 its due to enable the text box ..Pls clarify it..

<td align= "left" colspan = "3"> Reservation Status                       <br>
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox" Name = "ckbox" value = "0"  CHECKED > Rural
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox" Name = "ckbox" value = "1"  > DP
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox" Name = "ckbox" value = "1"  > Women <br>
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox" Name = "ckbox" value = "2"  > Ex-Service Man
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox" Name = "ckbox" value = "3"  > Kannada Medium
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox" Name = "ckbox" value = "5"  > PG <br>
<Input type = "Checkbox"  id="ckbox4" Name = "ckbox4" value = "4" onclick="enableTxtbx()"> Court Proceedings
<Input type ="text" DISABLED SIZE ="15" maxlength="15"id = "txtcrtdet"name = "txtcrtdet"/>

First of all, it is OK to have multiple tags with the same name, but not the same id.
I suggest to change the id of those check boxes. With that way you can use DOM/javascript to modify their state.
Check the javascript and DOM tutorials here:

Also when you have many inputs with the same name, you can use the

// name="ckbox"
String [] s = request.getParameterValues("ckbox")

That will return all the values of your "checked" check boxes inside an array.

Hi Javaaddict

Please help me i want to store all the details like orderno and shadeno and uploaded image file also. all are in one table.
Find my attachment , when am select that check box that order number only going to store with my uploaded image.
i want use JSP with oracle 10g to store that.
For example like this my table field...

Id Order No Shade No Image