hi guys, just wanna ask, is there a list view in php like in vb6??? i know, i can display the output using a table, however, what i want to happen is that whenever a user clicks on a row, that whole row will be selected and all the values of that row will be taken. now i dont know if there is an object like that in php?? can you help me with this??

any help will be very much appreciated..^_^

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Could you elaborate?
If this is an interactive thing, you'd probably need js to help - possibly ajax. The 'problem' with php is that's it's 'done' by the time the browser loads it. So anything that happens on the page after that needs to be client-side as the page is now effectively plain html.

okei..here it goes, i want to display my data in an interactive object, let's say in a table, all the data i inputted will be displayed in that table, now what i want to happen is that, when the user clicks on a specific row of that table, the program will get the information about that selected row. moreover, once it is clicked, that certain row will be higlighted for distinction...hope you could help. thanks ^^

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Don't know what happened to my previous post, but I gave an answer about using jQuery and interactive tables. There are tons of examples/free scripts - google them.