I am going start a project that will create a pop-up window with a list of part numbers, prices , etc form another site. The listings will be selectable and then stored in our site database.

I have never done anything like this before, so I would like to know which PHP functions are best suited for this.

One of the sites has multiple redirects, which cURL does not follow.
I did some initial experiment with cURL and could not figure out how to move to the next redirect. The site would accept any more input.
I saw some other threads that say that SOAP is the way to go.
What should I invest my time in learning?
Any input would be appreciated!

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The easiest way would be using an API if the owners of the other site have that option.

Otherwise as you said cURL is a good starting point.

Finally, you could try 'Screen Scraping' (again, cURL) to get the source code from a rendered page and pull the information you need.

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I like the screen scraping concept.
I was hoping for a few more replies on this topics, but since this answers the question, I'll mark this as solved.

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