Hello guys I normally write java...but heres my question

int propId = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("property"));

 <script type="text/javascript">
   			function doReport1() {
   			  document.forms[0].target = "_blank";
              document.forms[0].action = 'http://<%=accountName%>/JAABA/jsp/cpanel/homeSellerReport1.jsp?propId=<%=propId%>';

<div class="marginTopBump5 marginBottomBump9">
							<div class="left paddingRight2 paddingTop21">Dear</div>
							<input type="text" name="custName" maxlength="100" size="40" value="" class="fullBox left" />
							<div class="left">&nbsp;,</div>

as you can see I pass in propid as <%=propId=> to the url because I have it declared at the top in the scriptlet

How can I pass over a form parameter such as "custName" in that url although its not a scriplet declaration??


I figured it out!!

var custName = document.forms[0].custName.value;

http://<%=accountName%>/JAABA/jsp/cpanel/homeSellerReport3.jsp?propId=<%=propId%>&custName=' + custName

oh yeaaaaaa