Hi guys,

I'm pretty much self taught, and I'm working on a site that stores mysql data using php.

In the site I previously did, I used separate pages with a query relating to what I wanted to show, eg. a page called Manchester.php that displayed all records with an area of Manchester.

This meant I had 300 separate pages though, and yes, I know it's a messy way of doing it!!

Can someone point me towards a tutorial where I can learn how to code my query so it only uses a single page, eg.

index.php?query=manchester or index.php?id=213 etc

I'm not asking for anyone to do this for me, as I'll never learn otherwise, but if someone can tell me the correct term for what I want to do and where I can read more then that would be very ace of you all

Thanks :)

no, just basic php and mysql

How are you directing your users to each page?
i.e. a select box, or table of links ?

yeah I was using a drop down which was populated from another table in the mysql db