Hi every one

I have been given a task to investigate and come up with an integrated all-in-one mobile student information system where students can be informed of class changes by text, and inform their lecturer that they will be absent.

Question 1
what would be the necessary hardware and software technologies necessary to implement this?
Question 2
How would an architecture of this sytem be or look like??
Question 3
what security, legal, ethical, physical restrictions should i consider??

Any attempt to answer this questions would be very much appreciated and welcomed.


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Basically all in one means the following: students should be informed of:

class changes by text
inform lecturers that they will be absent
Would be informed of upcoming seminars
Also display a map of where they are on campus
Provide them with information about rooms and buildings as they pass!so some kind of GPS

for all the above issues!, what software should I be thinking of? what hardware? what technologies etc?
what would the architecture of the potential solution be?


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