Is it possible using .net technology to have a fake webpage - eg. dewalt.aspx - be associated with another webpage - eg. results.aspx?value=dewalt - and have the url that is displayed on the browser remain the pseduo name - ie. dewalt.aspx. Essentially I want to allow the user to enter a webpage with a descriptive name, have that page use a general page of code with predefined parameters in the querystring but not let the user know that the page name is different than the one that they entered in the url. Does anyone know how this might be done????

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you don't need .net technology to do this, but this would involve you having to buy that domain name and just having it point to the new site (redirection).

I wish I could tell you more specifically how this is done with windows, but almost any webhost can set this up for you on a windows based system (or linux), or you can see if windows supports mod_rewrite

more bad news .aspx is not a valid domain

Thanks for your reply but its not multiple domain names that I'm trying to use for a single site.

What I'm trying to do is replace a page name that has a querystring associated with it with a 'friendly' url without the querystring. For example I want the user to be able to type as the url This page will not actually exist as part of the website. In fact it doesn't exist at all. I need to associate this address with the following one: BUT I want the user to see in the address bar. I CAN'T just redirect dewalt.aspx to the results.aspx?page=dewalt address because that changes the url in the address bar.

Hopefully that is clearer.

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