I'm new to this forum and wanted some advise on finding a .Net development job.

Having been an Access developer I have recently moved into .Net development with my present employer and now have around 1 years commercial development experience. However, I am looking to broaden my knowledge in a new role.

How do you guys get these types of job? Do you use jobboards, agencies or mates?

I would really appreciate your response.

Thanks, John

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Try finding a Dot Net User Group around your area if there is one and usually they have a site with forums and a jobs posting area. I have seen this on several DNUG sites. You could also just try doing freelance stuff. I know quite a few people that use places like monster.com to get jobs. hope that helps


I know this post is really old, but for anyone who runs across it in a search, I wanted to add that I've just written a book about finding and landing a .net development job. It can tell you what you need to know to get an asp.net development job.

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