Here at my organization we'd been using an app which worked perfectly fine on the current 5.5 tomcat. But now we wished to upgrade our server to version 6.0 . The problem is that the application almost refuses to start up. I had this web.xml modified to
comment out following to atleast make the application folder detected and allow exception handler to work ( I'd put in a test jsp in the folder and it works when I comment following lines).


But the main application gives error that a data source has not been defined. Is there some problem with application or configuration of the newer tomcat?

Please help. Thanks in advance!

"Almost refuses to start up" is not so good a description. Have you analyzed your logs? Any stack traces/warnings? Are you deploying your application from eclipse or by firing off the shell script? <listener> is a standard tag and so ideally shouldn't any problems. Is the JAR with the class AxisHTTPSessionListener present in your WEB-INF/lib directory?

The only time I've seen applications break after updates is when they relied on libraries placed in the Tomcat lib directory rather than the WEB-INF/lib directory.

What was the problem? Missing jars?

I commented out some code in my web.xml and it started to work out of the blue. I just didnt understand much why, but glad that it works.


Could you suggest/guess why it happened?

The only reason I can think of is that the old Tomcat installation had an Axis jar lying around somewhere and hence wasn't giving any problems. Upgrading Tomcat must have done away with the Axis jar and hence the error. If you are not using Axis, you are better off removing the said part. :)