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Does anyone know where I can read about ways to protect a website from potential threats? i.e. SQL Injection, etc. In particular, a website using HTML/JSP/Servlets/Java/Tomcat.


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1. Your Tomcat should be running on Apache server, do not expose Tomcat directly to user
2. Do not run servers as root user, create specific user for it with certain set of privileges
3. Close connection to your database from outside and use localhost for connection
4. If you need to manipulate database learn how to do it from command line or learn how to use ssh to get you in touch with DB and set GUI tool access
5. You can always google for sql injection test, sql injection prevention java. First step ca be using PreparedStatement instead of plane statement, or even better learn Hibernate (HTML or PDF tutorial)

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I was hoping for something more though. I know that there's a list of possible ways that you didn't mention, for example "Cookie Poisoning" - I just want to know all the possible risks out there.

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That doesn't exactly help...

You asked:

Does anyone know where I can read about ways to protect a website from potential threats?

from the link I posted:

This codelab shows how web application vulnerabilities can be exploited and how to defend against these attacks

Post a more specific question and you'll get a better reply. I hope you realize that without posting what you are already aware of, your question is open to all sorts of suggestions/links, no?

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lol if you can't answer the question let someone else answer.

Indeed, I shouldn't have answered this question; from your posting history it seems that you have a knack for biting the hand which tries to help you. Enjoy the ignorance and the bliss which comes with it I guess...

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Well I gave my guidance, but guess this guy need spoon-feeding. No thank you, I'm not babysitter.
Ashton continue behave like this and you will see only doors of this forum

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