I have a table called projects, and I'm currently coding the "create a project" functionality that allows the administrator to create a new project and save it in the projects mysql table.

I have a slight problem though, I have two fields/inputs named start date and deadline date, what should I use to allow selection of these dates in the form?

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Have you got some tables and fields set up
in mysql? With date fields?

$from_date= date(Y,M,D)//or whatever php date function u decide.
$to_date = date(Y,M,D)//or whatever php date, could be today for example. 
$from_date = $_REQUEST['day_one'];
$to_date = $_REQUEST['today'];

then you SELECT day one < = $from_date and > = $to_date WHERE this AND so on...

See the date function
on php.net http://nz.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php

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Use javascript date picker, there are may opensource scripts are available for it, gooogle it and get any one them and implement it in your scripts, I suggest Jquery is one of the best date picker.

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