Hi All,

I have created a few pages using SQL/PHP and dreamweaver. All works fine, but I need some advice on one puzzle I have.

I have two database tables, one holds current numbers that is used to create a table of links. These links then open a new page using the second table which displays connected information to the link. Both tables have a field of similar description that will hold the same information.

I have used dreamweaver and a couple of extensions to create the pages, but now I want to show an 'updated' png next to the number on the front page, which will show the visitor that something on the second page has been updated.

If the information could be drawn from one table, then I know how to do this, but with the loops on the front page, I am struggling to get the information across.

Any advice would be much appreciated


in mysql i generally use foreign keys. so if i have tbl_user and tbl_image i have a foreign key in tbl_image as the user_id.

This means that when i call that image/item/whatever i reference the foreign key to get the correct line