hello all,

i am using script functions for tooltip.

function showTip(js_element)
var str_selectedElement="";
var str_tipElement=document.getElementById(js_element);
var str_comboElement=document.all('cmd_combo');
    for(var i=0;i<str_comboElement.length;i++)
	{		str_selectedElement=str_comboElement[i].text;

This function is giving me tooltip on clicking/selecting items from dropdown list.i want tooltip according to my mouse movement over the list. Not on seleceted item.

<DIV id='tooltip'></DIV>
<Select name="cmd_combo" onmouseover="showTip('tooltip')">

let me know which functions i have to use to get that.


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Thank you for your reply, I will go through this.

I have gone through the link and have searched more on this topic.
Finally i got to know that options in select tag will not recognise any events.

i cannot use title tooltip because it will last after some time and i cannot modify tittle tooltip to stay longer time.

so finally i am doing this for the solution:
Increase the size of the dropdown to have fullname in dropdownlist.

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