Hello good day. I just want to ask those who know how to save values without submitting yet to database. I am trying to save it, but it wont work out. What i want is that, I am filling up a form, then I will go to the next page, I have to save it without submitting, and when I return to the previous page, the values will be retrieved. And after I fill up everything, then it is the time to submit and insert to database. Do you know how? Thank you again.

You have to do this without reloading the form while going to the next and previous pages. ie u have to use the jquery and ajax pagination for going next and previous pages.

By doing this the values that u first entered will not vanish when u navigate through pagination links. And after u fill all the fields of the form u can finally submit the values of the form by clicking the submit button of the form.

U can also do this submit via jquery and ajax, thus can avoid the loading of the page even while submittting the form. This will increase the speed of ur site and increase user impressions.

You could set the values in sessions or hidden form fields and then process them at the end(this method is inadvised for secure information).