Shall i know if there is implementation of gridview in php as it is in .net

please help me

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If there is it would be the first I ever heard of it.

If there is it would be the first I ever heard of it.

I found phpsortable in "phpclasses website"
but i don't know how to use it and also i am newbbie to php
please help if anyone knew.

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If you want an interactive table, it will probably be based on Ajax. Read the manual or help docs that go with the app you want to use. There are so many sort table implementations, each with its own set of functions. General advice regarding these tables is impossible. If you get stuck, post to the appropriate website forum - after all, they're the experts who use the app.

thank you! i will search for that

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Been a very long time since I dabbled in VB6, but is gridview editable? If so, and you want your sortable table to be editable, you'll probably need an Ajax solution.

That's the one I've used. Based on prototype lib. However, isn't all that great in IE7.

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