Hi All,

Im having some trouble with creating PDF's.

I have researched and found a boat load of scripts, but non work as I dont have a library installed.

That is my question.... How do you install a pdf library? I have tried PDFLib but when i run a script it states it cannot find the class file. When i run its tutorials it gives me the fatal error.

All answers on a post card...... :-)

All answers on a post card...... :-)

Sending a post card your way lol. Below are the details.
There are several libraries that may be used to create pdf files and yes not all examples work due to incompatibility on updated versions since the tutorial/example was written for an older version. To find reliable examples I would suggest going to php.net and check the function references for their pdf library. Then make sure you have that same library installed. Alternatively you may find a pdf extension in pear. Generally the official documentation is the best reference as it is usually the most accurate. Enjoy.

Happy days.

Thanks for the info, ive managed to find one and got it working

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