Hey Guys, I am new to ASP.Net and am having some difficulties with the properties window.

I am trying to link a .css file to a master page through the Properties window. According to the book I am using to teach myself, it says that "at the top of the Properties box, drop down the list of controls and select Document (Which I did). At the bottom of the properties list, find Style Sheets, click its elipses, and browse to your .css file. Click ok"

When I follow the steps, I cannot see Style Sheet anywhere. It should be located under the Document expandable tab. Should have:


- DefaultClientScript

Do I have a setting wrong?

Thanks so much.

Name of property can be vary from one designer to another. Use link markup to import css.

     <link rel="StyleSheet" type="text/css" href="Images/style1.css" />

Yeah that is what I did eventually, but was kind of frustrated with the properties box. Thanks anyways.