hello my friends
for making page beautiful i use my whole controls table as a <TD> in parent table which apears such a frame in page.( which makes all tables corners round)
now my load speed goes down.
the other things is the size off all images i use in page as frame is 120kb.

now what`s the reason of this slow speed?:-/

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I don't think anyone is going to be able to answer your question without more information.
But rounded corners is a hot topic, as for me I tryed images. But some of the problem with images is tranparenty, banwidth, wanting to change color layout later.
I tryed images and it was so much of a poor way of getting rounded corners that I droped images and used css3. Now IE8 and under doesn't support css3 rounded corners so I use a ie-css3.htc file for IE. The reason I use ie-css3.htc is because I don't have to worry about images and placing them. Since Firefox and many other browsers already support css3 rounded corners all I have to worry about is IE. From what I hear when IE9 comes out it will support css3 rounded corners also. But it will be many years with us having IE8 and under around.

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