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I'm trying o turn my machine into a development station. I would like to install CF Server, with Apache and IIS. I'm Using widows 7 on a 64bit machine.

Is here any certain order on what need to be installed first?
Can someone walk me through the set up the Apache Web Server?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Why are you setting up apache when you have iis and cf installed you will have to run apache on an alternative port it will not start on 80 since iis is using that

As mentioned, you don't really need to have both IIS and Apache installed on the same machine if all you're needing is a web server - unless, for some reason, you would like to test on both. They will generally both perform the same with regards to CF code.

If IIS is already installed, CF should go on top of it very cleanly. If it's developer edition remember that it can only be accessed from localhost.

There are free, open-source CF servers available too, which don't have the localhost limitation:

Easy-to-use Windows installers for those CFML processors are available from viviotech:

Have fun!

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