Hi guys for my first piece of work on javascript i have to check a few html form questions which is provided. But im pretty clueless on how to do it, or even start it. First of all how would i check like a drop down menu had the right chosen value? or how would i count the correct answers ? Sorry just want some idea on how to get started with javascript.

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What I'm basically asking is how would i mark it? would i store the answers in an array or something?

It would help to know what you are planning to do with the data you collect from the user. Can you explain?

m not understanding ur problem...wht exactly you are trying to do....like how you want to use drop down.can you send me the
small example of it so that i can better understand it...
but one thing i know is to count the correct answers by using function...
here it is.

Array.prototype.count = function() {
    return this.length;

hope it works...

Hi sorry i was totally confused initially on this. Done a bit of research into it now. Basically we have an html form as sort of a test. Then we have to check it with Javascript and then on the server side use php (i'm just doing the javascript for now).

someone said they used this 'forms[0].username' which confused me because i dont know what that would be used for.

Im confused about a lot of it, but even the basics escape me. For instance ;

<p id="Q1"> What's the Swedish Capital?
<br />
<select name="Q1">
<option value="">Choose one from the following:</option>
<option value="a">Paris</option>
<option value="b">Stockholm</option>
<option value="c">Copenhagen</option>
<option value="d">Oslo</option>
How in javascript can i check the result given? is it something to do with getElementByID? if someone could provide me with the javascipt for this it would be a big help, i basically just want to undestand the syntax to get me started. Is it like (as a function) if (stockholm == Q1)
return true;

So you would need to do something like this:

function validate_form () {
    valid = true;
    if ( document.FORMNAME.Q1.value != "stockholm" ) {
        alert ( "Please fill in the 'Your Name' box." );
        valid = false;
    return valid;
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