i know how to upload video...even i can upload video to specific folder...but my question is user are upload video of any formate.. and i want to convert that video into .flv after uploading...

can any one tell me how to do this..??

i will be very thankful to them..


if any one knows please help me...

its urgent..


Whether you like it or not, you'll have to install ffmpeg extension on the server.

If you know an alternative, pls share here.

Or, this
just to read the metadata.

Thank you.. :)

Yes.you are right..

and my host dosen't support ffmpeg..so i found another solution that i use a different player for different type of videos..

and now its working .. :)

Thanks again for help me... :)

i have uploaded images correctly but i can't upload a video file.
plz anyone help me in this regard....