I am developing a website where users can ad entries to a database. I am using phpMyAdmin to create the database. It works perfectly on my local testing environment, but when I upload it to my remote server it doesn't. I have used my hosting company's (GoDaddy) version of phpMyAdmin to create a database of the same name as on my local environment, still no luck. I have used GoDaddy's provided code to connect to the Database, I haven't gotten that to work either.

If anyone has experienced any difficulty in a similar situation I would really appreciate any advise that may help me with my problem. Thanks!

so where exactly are you trying to connect to the godaddy mysql server from? i have had this problem before and solved it, but i guess i am not following what you said.

I am trying to connect from my GoDaddy remote server. I just can't seem to figure it out.

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remote connection feature activated or not?? if not, you cannot access your database...

godaddy is very picky on where you can access their mysql servers. they don't allow remote connections. you can only use them from their hosting plans. you need to find your host address and then everything will work. i will give instructions where to find this if you need me to.

If you could give some instructions that would be very helpful. I really appreciate your advise.


1. Login to Godaddy.com
2. Click 'My Account'
3. Towards the middle of the page there is a 'My Products' box and click 'Hosting Account List'
4. Next to your hosting account click 'open' to open the control panel
5. On the control panel you should see a database link, click it.
6. Click the mysql database icon
7. Next you will see a list of databases created by you. On the far right there is a 'Action' column. Find the pencil next to the database you want to connect to and click it.
8. In there you will find the host name. this is what you put in the host spot of mysql_connect statement.
9. Also there is your username at the bottom of the text. put that in your username spot. you should know your password.