My page is not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer. Its displays properly in all other browsers.

The issue: Internet Explorer

When the page is loaded-- Internet Explorer places DIV tags between the the <LI> elements on my page and in other areas of the controls which have been dynamically added to a placeholder on the child form during page load. The first <UL> element on the list has an ID assigned. The java-script functions correctly on the first <LI> element but does not get to the rest as <DIV> tags have been placed between them breaking up the nodes.

Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox load these controls without separating the elements with additional DIV tags. They remain grouped together and display as intended. As they remain in the proper UL container my Java-Script can collapse the list as designed by getting the child elements of the UL.

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My experience with IE is that I blame IE for all my problems because it looks great in every other browser, so it must be IE. Usually it turns out that my page won't validate because I forgot to close something or am missing a quote somewhere. IE just isn't as forgiving.

1. So, go to and validate your code. Fix as needed. If it checks out and you still get this then try :

2. check out the prototype / jquery function cleanwhitespace. IE could be seeing extra child nodes from white space and not traversing the DOM as you intend. Run cleanwhitespace, then your code and see if that fixes it.

If neither work post back and i'll rack my brain some more!


How did you discover the inserted DIV tags; View Source or by inspecting the DOM?

IE could be seeing extra child nodes from white space and not traversing the DOM as you intend.

Surely it's Moz browsers (notably FF) that suffer from seeing white space and not behaving as expected? I have not yet discovered a version of IE that suffers from this behaviour.


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