HI,am new to the JSP forum page.Anyways,having created a database and posted there sample data,I want to proceed to creating my jsp pages in Eclipse IDE(Galileo).The database contains a login table that contains columns,employee_id,username and password.How can I do it,am a novice via jsp and servlets.Thanks in advace!!!!

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Hi,peter_budo.Thanks 4 those good links.Am currently using the e-book called Beginning jsp,jsf and tomcat web development by Zambon.I have hello.html and hello.jsp codes already written down.I want to import them into my Eclipse IDE and run the hello world pages from within it.How should I go about it? Both pages were successfully displayed when in my address bar,I typed http://localhost:8080/hello/hello.html and http://localhost:8080/hello/hello.jsp.Now i want them displayed from within my Eclipse IDE.THANKS IN ADVANCE......

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