Hi all , I am trying to map a user to a jsp page when he tries to enter to a directory of my application using URL. let say my web directory is called school and it has a directory called pages . now I need to map a user to error page when he tries to access to pages directory using URL
something like this:
I have done this in web.xml but it is not working why!!!:


but it is not working ,
please tell me if I am wrong and how I correct it , please if you have another idea please tell me
I need it to apply it in my application

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File errorPage.jsp must be placed inside school folder in the root of your website.

                  | errorPage.jsp

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I have done what you have said but still doesn't work although I save configuration after modification of web.xml

I would tell that my server is running on Centons , is it the problem ?
pleasse I need help with this


What is the name of your web application? If it's school, then trying removing /school from the URL pattern. It should work. Also, specify the location of all your resources wrt the web app root i.e. exclude the `school' directory.

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