Hello Allideliner!!!

I am having problem in retrives values from textbox at aspx page to popup page?
aspx page code:
one textbox--

<asp:TextBox ID="txtTopicTitle" 
          runat="server"  style="height:25px"></asp:TextBox>

I want to use this txtTopicTitle values on the popup page(Default.aspx page )..
Then what is the process require??
I hope somebody able to helpful me......

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You may check the following thread:

Hope it helps.

Ya sir . some thing that is used me in my problem..
but u r not getting me . acutally

I created one page Default.aspx contains one textbox.
and when user fire button clck the textbox value is dispaly on pop up page(another page dispaly at front of parent page)..

Ya Sir ,U r right. to say for querystring..
But actually
I am using popup for displaying preview of new forumpost on button click...
and this preveiw page has so many things like,

Title,Summary, description.,Date...
So it shouldn't proper way to use querystring..

one thing Also I want to clarify that is..
" Text boxes that used for title,summary,description on parent page are acually one usercontrol.(All textboxes are on this usercontrol and i used this usecontrol in this parent page)

and now i want on preview click popup page will display and
that show the look of your forum..

I hope U will got idea as U all r experience persons. and at least one of U will guide me..
Thanks for above all reply to me..

You can use Query String to pass a data beween the parent page and the popup window.

Check these links.

Passing variables between pages using QueryString
How to: Pass Values Between ASP.NET Web Pages

Use sessions;

think that there is one text box in parent page;

create session for that;


i think tat it may help u;;\

All the Best;;; and Best of Luck;;;

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