im trying to get an image scroller to work that i found in a code library. its working fine in firefox but not in inet explorer

this is the link to the scoller...

i am just interested in the image part.
ive deleted the script for the text part and change the links to the images, which eventually looked like this:

<div class="marquee" id="mycrawler2">
<img src="images/home.jpg" /><a href="index.html"/>
<img src="images/stripes.jpg" /><a href="stripes.html"/>
<img src="images/sketches.jpg" /><a href="sketches.html"/>
<img src="images/mosaic.jpg" /><a href="mosaic.html"/>
<img src="images/photography.jpg" /><a href="photography.html"/>
<img src="images/illustrations.jpg" /><a href="illustrations.html"/>
<img src="images/graphics.jpg" /><a href="graphics.html"/>
<img src="images/contact.jpg" /><a href="contact.html"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
    uniqueid: 'mycrawler2',
    style: {
        'padding': '0px',
        'width': '960px',
        'background': 'white',
        'min-height': '100px'
    inc: 9, //speed - pixel increment for each iteration of this marquee's movement
    mouse: 'cursor driven', //mouseover behavior ('pause' 'cursor driven' or false)
    moveatleast: 1,
    neutral: 150,
    savedirection: false


well, i tried testing it in i-net explorer and it doesnt detect it.
firefox does detect it perfectly.

im using both of the latest versions of the browsers so i dont know what the problem could be :(

thank you!


The HTML has a bunch of unbalanced <a> tags (all without </a>). As they do nothing, you might as well delete them.

In DynamicDrive's example, the <img> tags are separated with space, not linefeed. Possibly significant? Whereas IE6 certainly handles linefeeds, maybe IE7/8 do not.


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