I have a login page on the site I am building, it works fine but what I am trying to accomplish is: I have a number (10) of football clubs who require login access to their page by their members only. For instance, Club A has its own page, only members from Club A have access to Club A's page. At the moment when a user logs in they can access all the other clubs pages, this is what I would like to stop. Any assistance would be very much appreciated

This comes down to design. If you are using mysql then you should be able to use the where clause to select so that for example SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `club`="A" Then all you need to do is store in a session what club the user is in and place that club into the where clause each time.

thanks for that, however as I am reasonably new to php I am struggling a bit. Could you please write an example for me to follow

The usual procedure on daniweb is that each time you encounter a problem you post your problem and people try and fix it but if you like I can teach you the basics to php via msn at msn@cwarn23.info
That way you can learn live and faster.