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need some help here to start with it

I also have the same question but with an addition. I also want to know a good site where i can get some help. Right now i am studying
ASP.NET in 21 Days
By Chris Payne
but its not a good one. Even the codes given in it are not working. I dont know whether the problem is with the code or the .Net Framework installed.

mar7aba reham
how r u ?
i found thet the best place to start from is www.w3schools.com this is agood way to start from after thatu can find alot of tutorials in the internet also about a books i really didnot try any books for asp.net cause im going with XML and JAVA these days and i will let asp.net for better time ^_^ good luck but i will try to get for you a good book nae from my asp.net friends

Fine TJ. How r u doing?
Thanks a lot . I thought no one's going to answer me. But you did. I'll definitely try w3schools which i have already seen for javascript and html. Then I'll let you know. whether I got any help or not.


this is my question i want to know the best book to start learning ASP.NET and lets say that i dont have any idea about asp or asp.net so i want to know a goob book to start with and learn from it asp.net and i have another Question do i have to know asp to learn asp.net or its gonna be just easier.


just buy a black book

just buy a black book

Thanks for that absolutely useless comment to dredge up this old thread, Ankit. I'm sure everyone appreciates your contribution.

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