I'm having some trouble with some code, I found a script that makes a countdown then sends you to another page, I like the script a lot, I tried editing it to change its look, in this case its font, does this look right to you, I notice its colour is black and not white, can you see errors there at the top in defining its font?

<span id="countDownText +countDownTime+" style="font-size: 14px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif color: #FFFFFF; </span>

<h1 align="center">
<script language="JavaScript">
var countDownInterval=15;
var countDownTime=countDownInterval+1;
function countDown(){
if (countDownTime <=0){
window.location="IT Reveal.html";
if (document.all) //if IE 4+
document.all.countDownText.innerText = countDownTime+" ";
else if (document.getElementById) //else if NS6+
document.getElementById("countDownText").innerHTML=countDownTime+" "
else if (document.layers){ //CHANGE TEXT BELOW TO YOUR OWN
document.c_reload.document.c_reload2.document.write('Launching in <b </b> seconds')
counter=setTimeout("countDown()", 1000);

function startit(){
if (document.all||document.getElementById) //CHANGE TEXT BELOW TO YOUR OWN
document.write('Launching in <b id="countDownText">'+countDownTime+' </b> seconds')

if (document.all||document.getElementById)
setTimeout("location.href='IT Reveal.html" , t)

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To change the look and feel of the countdown apply the style to the <h1> element and not the <span> because this is where the countdown text is written

Remove the style from the <span> tag and change

<h1 align="center">


<h1 align="center"  style="font-size: 14px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; color: #FFFFFF;">

That works, thanks a lot, I really apreciate your help :)

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