hey everyone. first time poster here. i've been having trouble with my search feature on a website that i designed (well i helped design). it works fine when i'm in the indexing service but on the site it wont. if i search for random letters, it will say "No search results" just like it should. but when i search for something it should be able to find, it just gives me a blank page. i'm pretty sure its a problem in the asp coding but i cant find it anywhere. also, if i search for something relatively unique, the blank page is just a single blank page but if i search for something like 'smith' there is a scroll bar at the side and the page is much bigger. so i think its finding everything, it just wont display it for whatever reason. here is the code:

Dim Index
Set Index = Server.CreateObject("IXSSO.Query")

Index.SetQueryFromURL Request.QueryString

Index.DefineColumn "dc_description (DBTYPE_WSTR) = d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1 dc.description"
Index.DefineColumn "dc_title (DBTYPE_WSTR) = d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1 dc.title"
Index.DefineColumn "dc_subject (DBTYPE_WSTR) = d1b5d3f0-c0b3-11cf-9a92-00a0c908dbf1 dc.subject"

Index.Columns = "filename,HitCount,dc_description,dc_title,dc_subject"
Index.SortBy = "dc_title"
Index.MaxRecords = 300

Dim Results
Set Results = Index.CreateRecordset("nonsequential")

Response.Write "<html>"
Response.Write "<head>"
Response.Write "<Title>New Tecumseth Digital History - Search Results</Title>"
Response.Write "</head>"
Response.Write "<body bgcolor=" & chr(34) & "#F7EFD6" & chr(34) & "LINK=" & chr(34) & "#993333" & chr(34) & "VLINK=" & chr(34) & "#666633" & chr(34) & ">"
Response.Write "<table border=0 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=5 width=530>"
Response.Write "<tr>"
Response.Write "<td>"
Response.Write "<div align=" & chr(34) & "center" & chr(34) & ">"
Response.Write "<p>"
Response.Write "<font face=" & chr(34) & "arial" & chr(34) & " size=3>"
Response.Write "<b>Search Results</b>"
Response.Write "</font>"
Response.Write "</p>"
Response.Write "</div>"
Response.Write "<p>"
Response.Write "<font face=" & chr(34) & "arial" & chr(34) & " size=2>"

If Not Results.Eof Then

Do While Not Results.Eof

Response.Write "<b><a href=" & chr(34) & "/history/database/"
Response.Write Results("filename")
Response.Write chr(34) & ">"
Response.Write Results("dc_title") & "</a></b><br>"
Response.Write Results("dc_description")
Response.Write "<br><br>"



Response.Write "No results were found."
End If

anyone see anything wrong? i can also post an example of one of the indexed pages if that will help. the address for the site is: www.newtecumseth.library.on.ca/history/


ok i discovered something... if i change this line:

Response.Write Results("dc_title") & chr(34) & "</a></b><br>"

to this:

Response.Write Results("dc_title") & chr(34) & "hello""</a></b><br>"

the search results appear but rather than the link be the article title, it is 'hello'. i've played around with that line quite a bit and cant figure it out. any suggestions?

nevermind... i figured it out. i needed to add meta properties to the catalog and rescan it or something like that