Hello ..
Hopefully you can answer my question..
We are working on a project that uses Netbeans as a java editor the project is a website that needs to be linked with Java functions and an Ontology,
We built the website using HTML and we embedded the JSP code in all the dynamic pages. When we almost finished the main website we were told that the java functions won’t work when linked to the website unless we use “ MVC “.
So my question is do we really need MVC for our work ??
Thank you very much for your help.

if you want your site to be maintainable, you need a proper architecture.
Embedding Java code in JSP isn't a proper architecture, a well designed MVC model goes a long way.

In general, it can indeed be said that sites not employing an MVC model won't work.
They're poorly designed, poorly programmed, and will as a result have many problems that will lead to a lot of downtime and user frustration.

Thank you very much ,,
an other question please,, do i need Windows XP to use the MVC model ??
and can i link it to MYSQL database and SPARQL at the same time ??

You can use any OS or database