Hi Everybody!!!

I am Working on Web application Using C#.NET(Microsoft Visual Studio) and SQL server 2005 ,Microsoft Internet Explorer .I have to show some Sanskrit text on web page.Now i am showing it using the Text Box control(as it show text as it is from database like paragraph...)

1.My Problem is that the text that i retried from database is not shown properly on web page .It shows some garbage values like boxes.I tried for different Fonts but still it doesn't show that text in properly.it's not readable,I used Microsoft Internet Explorer for out put .

2.If possible i have to test it on at least 2-3 browsers(Internet Explorer,Firefox,opera... )

3.Shall I change that Text Control,Is their any another control .
Or any other way to show text from data base with proper format.

Is any knows that Sanskrit Font which will work on this stuff. i have one sample with this...it's Sanskrit Slokas with some English meaning....... Please see the Attachment

Please help with this i done lot off google search and tried different fonts but they are not working...

thanks in advance for getting here......

>To Show Sanskrit Font Properly on Web Page.....

Use UniCode Fonts.

Thanks for your Replay........

But still that problem is not Solved .
It doesn't text in proper format .It must be readable.that not a single font work with this .And this is my main task to show that on web page.IS their any other way to get out from this problem.

Please help me in this .I know some on e may know that how to deal with Sanskrit Fonts.