hello every body

i am new in web designing field.using asp but i dont have idea about asp.net.
please tell me why we use asp.net and whats difference between asp and asp.net.
i require knowledge of asp.net and also tutorial,login form scrip,register form script etc

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And i wondering where there might be a good place to be able to learn the ASP or ASP.NET language. I want to learn more on languages that will become the future of this internet world. As much as possible.... Would n e one have a good site where good tutorials are available? That would be greatly appreciated.


ASP uses script tags interspersed with HTML. The server processes/parses those tags to provide programmatic functions, such as outputting strings, interacting with a database, etc.

ASP.NET is completely different. It has a collection of "server controls" that you control using standard OOP patterns. They have properties, events and methods. The HTML is separated from the business logic. The controls RENDER html.

It's a much better model, in my opinion. If you're more comfortable, though, with the ASP model, you should look at the PHP language, which uses the ASP model but with C++ syntax.


You can find two very comprehensive tutorials, covering ASP and ASP.NET at ASP Free
The tutorials can be found as the first two sticky posts on that forum.

As for the difference between ASP and ASP.NET, .NET (in all it's flavours) is a compiled langauge, which means it is compiled into machine code on it's first use. It is therefore faster, more powerful, and portable to any machine once compiled. ASP is not compiled, and the server needs to parse the code each time it is accessed.


And i wondering where there might be a good place to be able to learn the ASP or ASP.NET language. Would n e one have a good site where good tutorials are available.

In agreement/addition to what has been posted I have found this site and this site (made by the same person) including the accompanying free assembly Utility Belt very useful to myself, since I am now learning .Net. (If you can tolerate the inhumane navigation. I will say, to the creators credit, what they lack in design skill they more than make up for in usable examples and tools.;)) I recommend this site because I have become proficient with concepts such as: incorporation of stored procedures, hash tables, understanding how server controls work, and filling objects with data from a database in the .Net environment relatively quickly (in addition to reading some of the posts on Daniweb.;)) The Utility Belt tool has helped me with a very complicated application through its very extensive error checking on datasets of many types.

It is good that you are concentrating your mental energies on .Net since you will probably get a faster, more extensible application in the end. :) In addition, if you attempt to learn other programming languages and/or application architectures in the future you will have a good foundation for understanding. :cool:

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