Greetings fellow coders.
I have a knowledge base on woods of the world stored in MySQL.
There are over 6,500 records.

Out of all the fields in use, one is simply called speciesname.
The database is called taxa. All of the data in this field are two part strings (genus + species) separated by one space. The data is all on botanical names of woods.

Most entries are capitalized ok, but on a random basis there are the occasional records in this field that have the first character in lower case when all first characters should be upper case.

I started finding these and correcting them manually which is a long
process compared to an SQL or PHP script that could do all the corrections at lightning speed. I would accept a PHP solution. However, the proper SQL statements would allow me to drop the script into a front end such as phpMyAdmin or MySQL-front, run it and be through with it.

Do any of you have suggestions? This is a function that probably could be used on many situations to clean up uneven cases and perhaps worth adding to the code library once it works.

Much thanks in advance,

Bill Mudry
Mississauga, Ontario Canada