Hello guys.

Can someone give me an simple example, how to make when someone register in to my game, to set him in some place on the map.
I dont have map right now, and thats my question. How to make browser game map ?

Some kind of tutorial or example will be pretty good.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by

how to make a browser game map

. I've spent a lot of time in the past working with the Google Map API and it's capable of some really cool things if you take the time to work through it and learn what's going on.

If you want to get started with Google Maps you can try this:

Thank you for the reply.

I am making a browser game right now, and the only stuff that i have trouble with is making a "World map" where every player see where are positioned all other.

If you want to see where others are located in the game, I can't really help you there. If you want to know where people are located in the real world then the link I posted will help you out a lot, it's really quite easy to do.

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Is your map real or fantasy?

IF real
Are locations added/entered manually or via geolocation
Are you going to use a map api?

IF fantasy
Are locations added randomly or manually.
Is the data entered a grid value or some sort of lat/long?

You can store data in a shedful of ways. DB/file being the most obvious. As you've posted to the php site, I assume you're using Ajax?

You need to provide more info on how you intend to store/retrieve data.