ok I have this PHP email script working and what I wanted to know was is there a way to popup the THANK you for your message reply on a submition or does it have to go to a totally new page to do so ...

Currently the script loads a new page that displays the TY message but what I would like to do is have the form clear and the script pop up a TY message on submition ?

this is what I have now

// send mail and print success message
mail($recipientemail,"$subject","$message","From: $Name <$Email>");

if($autoresponse == "yes") {
$autosubject = stripslashes($autosubject);
$automessage = stripslashes($automessage);
mail($Email,"$autosubject","$automessage","From: $recipientname <$recipientemail>");

echo "$thanks";

Any ideas on how to do what I am trying to do ?

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You could redirect back to the original page, but you would also have to echo back the data that was entered, otherwise the form will be blank.

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