I would like to know how to put a commenting box into my website I am not that much php expert but I need to know how to do it, I would
appreciate if u wont just post a source but explain where to put it.
I would also like to be safe and that it won't lead to into a MySQL
db leak or data overflow or even the wipe out of MySQL. thx in advance.

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I'm not sure if anyone will mind me saying this but I'm sure this forum is for HELP with PHP issues.
Not for someone to come to for cheap solutions.
You say you're not an expert in PHP but surely having a go at it and posting your ideas for people to help with is a lot better than simply saying, build me a comment form?

My suggestion is that you either give it try first or go and find an open source one or even...purchase one.

Just my 2 cents.

there are a number of premade scripts on hotscripts, phpscripts and most other script source repositories that will accomplish what you want, some that require sql databases, some very simple that store data in a flat file, or send email
thjose scripts generally come with full install instructions to prevent insertion errors
I have used scripts from http://www.gentlesource.com/ on several site, freeware

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