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I need to implement a searching feature in my web site. My web site is a Shopping site having different categories (like ebay). There is a general search textbox at the top of the page, if a user types in "Guitar" and clicks the search button it should search in our database and should provide the search result.Writing queries to search for the specific word in whole categories and subcategories can take more resource. How can i implement the searching feature? Any available free search engine to my web site which pulls the data from my database? Please help me to solve this.


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Search engines such a Google can search your site (http://www.google.com/sitesearch/) for what is defined on your pages but searching dynamic data from your DB is a whole different thing. That will need some customization.

This provides an example of a script to do a DB search based on up to 3 keywords (with a form and comments):

I googled it for you and found this. You can customize Google (which is open source) for your own site . http://www.google.com/cse/. Hope your problem is solved. Much success to you.

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