I've had a web site for six or seven years now and everything was fine until this morning when I tried to access the site and got an "Unable to connect" error message. I tried accessing my site's files with my ws_ftp program, but I receive two error messages: "Can't get host entry" and "Connection failed." Everyone else I've talked to is accessing the site with no problem, including my web host. In fact, I can access the site from my wife's laptop, which is in the other room. She's on a wireless connection and I'm hooked up to DSL, so I hooked her laptop up to the DSL cable just to see what would happen and her computer still had no problem accessing the site. When I hooked my computer back up to the DSL cable, I still couldn't get a connection. I can access ever other site I typically visit (Hotmail, NetFlix, Wells Fargo, etc.), I can check my e-mail, I can download my bank statements, I can watch baseball games at MLB.com; basically every site I visit on a daily basis, except my own. Since I can access the site using her computer and our DSL connection, but not my computer and the same DSL connection, I have to assume there's something within my own computer that's stopping me from accessing my site.

I've tried clearing out my cache and cookies, I've run Disk Cleanup on my hard drive, I've run a registry cleaner that found numerous errors and supposedly fixed them, I've checked to make sure my McAfee Security Suite was allowing full access to Mozilla Firefox and I've tried the IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS trick (although I haven't rebooted my computer yet) and nothing seems to work. I'm running Windows XP, my firewall is McAfee, and I typically use Mozilla Firefox as my browser (neither IE or Netscape will allow me to access the site either).

I'm running out of ideas and I'm at my wits end. If someone could please offer suggestions as to how to solve this problem, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


Here's an interesting development and I have no idea what it means. I used my site's IP address instead of the actual domain name and I'm able to access the site now. Can someone please explain this to me?


I think it might be from your firewall or router. Your site might be banned accidentally. While you headed you can add your domain as trusted site to your firewall and browser as well.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

This happens to me once every couple weeks. Currently happening to me, which is why I'm here :( I'll go several weeks able to upload files, surf my site, and then randomly I'll get the "unable to connect" message even though everyone else can still go to my site just fun. After a day, or a few, I usually have normal access again. What is the deal with it going on and off like that??

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